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Anxious People
by Fredrik Backman

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I loved this book! His books always make me both laugh and think about life’s big picture.

The Last Thing He Told Me
by Laura Dave

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It is a true love story and one I felt was written with so much heart. My heart kept aching as I read deeper into the novel. It is one of my favorite books as I seldom give out 5 stars to my read books. In a word, mesmerizing!

by Rico Green

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The book is about the rabbit Judy helping people along with its friend Nick.

Supergirl takes off
by Courtney Carbone

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Supergirl comes to the Earth, she keeps the villains away and saves the day.

Ask Again, Yes
by Keane

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This is the story about two police officers’ families and their interactions with each other. A tragic event impacts both family and the relationship of the son from one family and the daughter from the other.

Dragon Pearl Book
by Yoon Ha Lee

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Min’s family is the Fox spirit. They must remain hidden on the barren planet, Jinju because people are mistrustful towards the Fox spirit. She is a middle grader with the fox spirit with much to learn. She is impatient, impetuous, and a very quick thinker. She is an excellent engineer as she does a lot of chores around her home which she and her mother share with her aunties and their children. Her mother forbids her to use her magic and they must hide amongst the humans. Her older brother Jun has gone off to join the Space Forces and an investigator of the Thousand Worlds reveals Jun's disappearance and treachery. An investigator who works for the federation comes to question Min about the letter her brother last wrote to her. What are the hidden clues? Much shape-shifting, taking on someone else’s body, inhibiting the body of a dead ghost, all while trying to get aboard the Space Force, act like she knows what she’s doing and finds her brother, solve the mystery of the missing Dragon Pearl and oh, deal with the White Tiger Captain by the name of Hwan. Fast-paced and very entertaining and full of heart. Highly recommended for middle school-aged kids. It’s written to be a stand-alone novel but because of the success, Yoon Ha Lee has decided to write a follow-up sequel.

Midnight Bites
by Chloe Neill

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Two stories for the price of one book. We begin with "Howling for You" where Jeff is a shapeshifter and he is in love with the Fallon Keene. Yep, she's Gabriel Keene's younger sister, who happens to be the Apex of the Northern American Central Pack leader. She is committed to marrying with her own kind so Jeff is out. But the heart does what a heart does and we read about how two people who are obviously so right for each other, fight it and try to solve the mystery of "who stole Conor's crown?" I give this story a 3. Next, we have Lucky Break where my favorite dynamic due, Merit, and Ethan are out on vacation for much-needed alone time. Of course, trouble comes knocking at their door, literally. Seems Ethan's old friend has been accused of killing her shifter husband. Problem is, she's not a shifter but instead, a night drinker. It's a paranormal Hatfield vs the McCoy's and it's just not that entertaining. This one was much more interesting as it bobbed and weaved and maybe it’s because I heart my favorite immortal duo but I felt this story had me guessing more so and was very happy to be proven wrong. I always felt, if I could guess who did it mid-way through a story, then it deserves three stars or less. The only time I felt differently is when the mystery announces the killer upfront, however, in a reversal, we have to figure out why and how they did it and nearly got away with it. Now that’s something I love but rarely find in a book, nowadays. I give this story a solid 4 Combining the ratings of my 3 and the 4 equaling 3.5, I will bump it up because I do enjoy this author.

Pretending Holly Bourne
by Holly Bourne

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What's in a name? After all the trauma April went through and the horrible dates, why bother? The men are nothing but horrible beasts who take what they want and beat their chest doing what they want when they want. She hates men! She hates the way they use her, not be respectful of her time, and most of all, sexually get what they want and then dump her. Simon, being the last of them, tries to have his way with her and then dumps her but wait for it, "isn't the bad guy" because he just wasn't feeling it but yet still wanted to sleep with her and then buy her breakfast. He didn't even have the decency to clean his place up for her and there are skid marks on his toilet! SO April hates all men. She will take back the power and be someone else. Someone who will take the power and dump the men after she gets what she wants, which is to have a good time. In comes Greta, her alter ego. She is a carefree, fun-loving woman who all men adore and want. She will make you fall for her only to dump you with great glee. Enter Joshua. He is sweet and kind and dang, he rushes things. It is just the man Greta's looking to devour and spit out. Double personalities are fine at first because April is in control. As the deceptions continue, April isn't sure who is truly in control, her or her alter-ego, Greta.

Boxcar Children Book 1
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I love this series I want to read all 150

Fgtv Into The Game
by FGTV stars

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