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Fortunately, The Milk
by Neil Gaiman

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A CHILDHOOD FAVORITE!!!! I had to re-read this because it gave me many memories.

Black Widow: No Restraints
by Jen Soska

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So much carnage and self-loathing when we now see the clone of Natalia. This clone has Nat’s memories but they’re hazy abs full of rage. You get the vibe of The Punisher throughout this novel. It’s but bad and I found it grittier and interesting as the Evil Twins do their take in this storyline. I’m good with the violence but the horror of the story with child mutation is really dark. I enjoyed it enough to give it 3 1/2 Stars because it kept me wanting to read more even though at times, the drawings weren’t very good. One area the character is drawn this was, few pages down, it literally looks like another artist took over. Faced paced and a hard but good ride. Spoiler alert, she does go see the person who killed her. That was interesting his they interacted.

To Kill A Mockingbird
by Harper Lee

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To Kill A Mockingbird is a classic novel that greatly expresses themes of racism and prejudice. Harper Lee, the author of this story clearly depicts the point of view of a little girl named Scout experiencing a world in which social inequality is dominant. In the book, readers see Atticus Finch's role model upon his children and Scout's story about coming of age.

A Wolf At The Table
by Augusten Burroughs

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Good but not one of his best. Still a quick easy read.

Puppy Place Books patches
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I love these puppies

The Biggest Bluff By Maria Konnikova
by Maria Konnikova

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Teaches many lessons on importance of strategy and how to psychologically handle yourself but the conclusion point seems off from the message

Treasure Hunters Book 1
by James Patterson

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This was a cute, exciting read. It is great for a 3rd - 5th grader because it is action packed and also has great illustrations.

Pretending Holly Bourne
by Holly Bourne

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What's in a name? After all the trauma April went through and the horrible dates, why bother? The men are nothing but horrible beasts who take what they want and beat their chest doing what they want when they want. She hates men! She hates the way they use her, not be respectful of her time, and most of all, sexually get what they want and then dump her. Simon, being the last of them, tries to have his way with her and then dumps her but wait for it, "isn't the bad guy" because he just wasn't feeling it but yet still wanted to sleep with her and then buy her breakfast. He didn't even have the decency to clean his place up for her and there are skid marks on his toilet! SO April hates all men. She will take back the power and be someone else. Someone who will take the power and dump the men after she gets what she wants, which is to have a good time. In comes Greta, her alter ego. She is a carefree, fun-loving woman who all men adore and want. She will make you fall for her only to dump you with great glee. Enter Joshua. He is sweet and kind and dang, he rushes things. It is just the man Greta's looking to devour and spit out. Double personalities are fine at first because April is in control. As the deceptions continue, April isn't sure who is truly in control, her or her alter-ego, Greta.

Friends are Forever
by Natasha Bouchard

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The book is about two sea monster friends who visit nearby city, where they met another friend, and they learn to be brave, loyal, helping.

Fgtv Into The Game
by FGTV stars

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