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A night divided
by Jennifer A. Nielsen

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I really loved this book. Definitely one of my favorites.

Black Widow No Restraints
by Jen Soska

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So much carnage and self-loathing when we now see the clone of Natalia. This clone has Nat’s memories but they’re hazy and full of rage. You get the vibe of The Punisher throughout this novel. It’s not bad and I found it grittier and interesting as the Evil Twins do their take in this storyline. I’m good with the violence but the horror of the story with child mutation is really dark. I enjoyed it enough to give it 3 1/2 Stars because it kept me wanting to read more even though at times, the drawings weren’t very good. One area the character is drawn this was, few pages down, it literally looks like another artist took over.

by CJ Box

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Martin Van Buren
by Ted Widmer

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For a brief, contemporary introduction to the life of the 8th president, this book works well. It focuses on Van Buren's role in organizing and transforming the Democratic Party. It also does a fairly good job of providing an initial look at the slavery conflict that would accelerate in the years following Van Buren's presidency as well as his own evolution. At times overwritten -- word choice is sometimes at the scholarly article level or that of a lengthy tome rather than as part of an accessible series covering all the presidents -- it still moves quickly and efficiently to give Van Buren his fair credit for being more consequential than we're often led to believe.

Nella The Princess Knight
by Tex Huntley

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Love it

Hostage Clare Mackintosh
by Hostage Clare Mackintosh

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Fast read

Because Of Winn Dixie
by Kate Dicamillo

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Because of Winn-Dixie is about a young girl named India Opal Buloni and a dog named Winn-Dixie. Winn-Dixie and Opal both meet at the grocery store named Winn Dixie. Opal feels lonely because she just moved to Naomi and didn't make any friends yet. When she meets Winn Dixie, she sees how dirty he is and asks her dad, the preacher, if she could keep him. He tells her she could keep Winn Dixie after he sees the dog. Opal's mother left her and her father and they both miss her very much. Opal also starts to make new friends such as Gloria Dump, Otis, Ms. Franny, and Sweetie Pie. Opal and Winn Dixie have an amazing friendship. I would suggest this book for other people to read!

The Newspaper Club
by Beth Vrabel

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This book is one of the best that I have read. It's about a girl named Nellie, and she forms a Newspaper Club with her friends.

Boxcar Children Book 1
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I love this series I want to read all 150

Friends are Forever
by Natasha Bouchard

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The book is about two sea monster friends who visit nearby city, where they met another friend, and they learn to be brave, loyal, helping.