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Friends Are Forever
by Natasha Bouchard

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The book is about two sea monsters, who are best friends visit a nearby town on earth. They learn to be helpful, brave.

Midnight Bites
by Chloe Neill

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Two stories for the price of one book. We begin with "Howling for You" where Jeff is a shapeshifter and he is in love with the Fallon Keene. Yep, she's Gabriel Keene's younger sister, who happens to be the Apex of the Northern American Central Pack leader. She is committed to marrying with her own kind so Jeff is out. But the heart does what a heart does and we read about how two people who are obviously so right for each other, fight it and try to solve the mystery of "who stole Conor's crown?" I give this story a 3. Next, we have Lucky Break where my favorite dynamic due, Merit, and Ethan are out on vacation for much-needed alone time. Of course, trouble comes knocking at their door, literally. Seems Ethan's old friend has been accused of killing her shifter husband. Problem is, she's not a shifter but instead, a night drinker. It's a paranormal Hatfield vs the McCoy's and it's just not that entertaining. This one was much more interesting as it bobbed and weaved and maybe it’s because I heart my favorite immortal duo but I felt this story had me guessing more so and was very happy to be proven wrong. I always felt, if I could guess who did it mid-way through a story, then it deserves three stars or less. The only time I felt differently is when the mystery announces the killer upfront, however, in a reversal, we have to figure out why and how they did it and nearly got away with it. Now that’s something I love but rarely find in a book, nowadays. I give this story a solid 4 Combining the ratings of my 3 and the 4 equaling 3.5, I will bump it up because I do enjoy this author.

The Dare Harley Laroux Book
by Harley Laroux

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change of pace from your… typical books.

Black Widow Deadly Origin
by Paul Cornell

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This is where Natalia went from being a baby in her mother’s arms to who she is becoming. A lot of time jumping in this graphic novel. I really enjoyed it because I’ve seen her in the Marvel movies and the artist, drew her to look like Scarlet Johansen. I’m not familiar with her background nor have I seen the latest Marvel movie: Black Widow starring the said actress.

Martin Van Buren
by Ted Widmer

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For a brief, contemporary introduction to the life of the 8th president, this book works well. It focuses on Van Buren's role in organizing and transforming the Democratic Party. It also does a fairly good job of providing an initial look at the slavery conflict that would accelerate in the years following Van Buren's presidency as well as his own evolution. At times overwritten -- word choice is sometimes at the scholarly article level or that of a lengthy tome rather than as part of an accessible series covering all the presidents -- it still moves quickly and efficiently to give Van Buren his fair credit for being more consequential than we're often led to believe.

This Is Where It Ends
by Marieke Nijkamp

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a different perspective of what goes through ones mind when faced with a life threatening situation

The Curious Reader: Facts About Famous Authors and Novels
by Erin Mccarthy

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The Curious Reader has many fascinating facts such as, "Aldous Huxley was almost blind as a teenager, taught George Orwell, and worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood. Another cool fact about the banned book "Jinnah of Pakistan" - this biography claims Pakistan's founder enjoyed wine and pork. Pakistan has banned this book. Also, many would say the Harry Potter series is one of the 8 best-selling books in history (minus religious texts) but Betty Crocker's Cookbook rounded out in 8th place. Naturally, it also covers some of the great literary novelists such as Mary Shelly, Toni Morrison, George R.R. Martin, and so many more. Spellbinding and an absolute must-read for lovers and book geeks like me. What I loved most is always hearing myself say, “I didn’t know that!” and loving every minute of all the wonderful tidbits and information on books and authors from all types of genres.

Puppy Place Books patches
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I love these puppies

Dear Edward
by Ann Napolitano

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This is a story of a young boy who is the only survivor in an airplane crash that kills his family. The story follows Edward and how he copes with the grief and how he puts a positive twist on the tragic event.

The Bankers Wife
by Christina Alger

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Enjoyed-Fast paced, page turner

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